Black things in my mucus

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I'm a nonsmoker & 22 years old. From last December I am observing some black hairy things when I cough up.... I was given a Chest X-ray which came out clear  the doc said the black things could be dirt and I also had back pain back xray showed it was muscle spasm....  But I still observe those black things in my mucus... I want add I'm quite healthy and didnt loose any weight recently... What may be the reason... Should I conduct my GP again???

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    What you're coughing up doesn't sound like much fun! It does sound like you need to go back to the doc. Despite 30+ yrs of 1 pack/day non-filter smoking, the only time i've had dark mucus from my lungs was after 48 hrs. of standing around a paper fire. That cleared up very shortly.

    Are you sure this isn't mucus which originates from your sinuses? If so, ask doc if you could have a sinus fungal infection. Gross as it sounds, save some of this in a jar for the doc. (Used tissue or hanky saved in jar is fine) Keep it in the fridge if it will be more than 4 hrs before you see the doc.

    Hope this clears up on its own.

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      I had polyp in my sinus  and recently I had the surgery 10 days back.... I also suspected fungal infection and asked the doctor again & again ..but he ruled out my opinion and said if there any it would show up in Lung Xray ..but Lung xray came back normal..Planning to see a chest specialist soon....I want to add one more thing my noses were congested and also had septoplasty prior that i was inhaling through mouth while sleeping
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      I should have read this post before I replied.

      Surgery ten days ago would produce 'black' things because there would still be old blood there.

      Old blood is black and this will go away soon.

      I would not be concerned as it is coming from the sinus.

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    Next time, when you cough them up, spit them into a readied, clean container and take it to your doctor or clinic.

    They can look at it, or if needed, send it for analysis.

    I doubt you would be coughing anything up from your lungs that are 'hairy'....but coughing up 'black things' is not normal. Old blood is black.(NOT saying that is what it is)

    Perhaps this is coming from the back of your throat.

    Best to bring a sample.

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      It's definitely coming from lungs  .... the black things were there prior to the surgery and still is present .... I hoped this black things would go away after surgery but didn't ... I insisted my ENT specialist to give a CT of chest and also analyze my mucus  before septoplasty and sinus surgery  but he didn't listen to me... as black mucus can be a serious thing  I'm getting scared.... I'll soon try to contact a specialist soon
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      I can only speak for myself as one with chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and chronic bronchitis-COPD: i had to hear it repeatedly from gp, ENT & pulmo before i accepted it, that the mucus i cough up comes from my throat/sinuses.

      That may not be true of anyone else, but it's true for me.

      If you're in the states and can afford it, here's what i'd do.

      1. Cough up some black stuff into a container and go to an emergency room (do not go to minor emergency or urgent care, they'll be worse than a gp).

      2. Let them see that you're concerned about this black gunk but only that you're concerned.

      3. Do not say that you've already seen your doc about this, in fact don't even tell them that you have a doc. Offer as little info as possible -- "forget" about the septoplasty unless they bring it up after exam -- and do not tell them what you think it might be.

      4. When they ask how long you've been coughing up the black stuff, here's the only correct answer: [pause and look into the distance as if thinking] "I'm not sure, a few days."

      (if you're Quaker or some other adorer of there being only one single Truth, keep in mind that "a few days" is true when viewed from the totality of all the days you've already lived)

      See what they can come up with. Since it's the weekend you've got a legit reason for not seeing your gp. If you're in the UK, i have no idea whether you should try this tactic; i offer no guarantees about it working in the states, but it is something that occasionally works for some folks.

      Others here have asked about what kind of work you do because so many jobs are so bad for our respiratory systems. The same goes for living situations such as living/working in a house with "hair" mold (looks like human hair on the walls) or in a rural area with blowing dirt, chaff and/or insecticides etc.

      I would add another consideration: colorblindness, which sometimes starts around your age.

      If you are in the states, please make sure that you know what it will cost you before trying the ER. it will cost even more than what you think it will unless you've got great insurance.

      Good luck.

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    Hi mahbub

    I would be interested what you do for a living whether its industrial or not.

    It is a well known fact that standard X-Rays do not show everything, I'm not trying to scare you, it's just a fact.

    Personally speaking, I would go back to your GP and ask if you could be sent to have a MRI scan, you might have to wait awhile, but at least you will know for sure if there is anything going on.

    Have you been vomiting lately ?

    Try not to worry to much.

    Type to you soon and best wishes.

    Kev  (UK)  smile

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    Hi Mahbub

    Is it possible that you might have "STREP THROAT"

    This is a condition, I think,  is like a sore throat but slightly bleeds. I'm not saying it is, but it is worth looking into.

    Kev (UK)

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      May be I had pain in my throat ...and my cervical lymph node was swallowed a few days's better now but black things come up only when i cough up from lungs ....there is nothing when i clear throat mucus
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    Thanks everyone for replying.... I'm a student and live in the dorm and I'm not from U.K ... I'm non smoker but exposed to passive smoking as most of my friends are smoker. Someone asked if I had strep throat  yes I had and I was clearing up my throat continously...   after septoplasty it is better now... btw I'll try to convince my GP for a MRI when I next visit him
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    Hi, I'll be 31 this year am a non smoker and I've been coughing up BLACK hair like mucus/phlegm as well for about 9 months now.. I've been working in an office which I just found out has a lot of mold and is very old. Thats the reason I went to get xrays-which lead to 4 other blood tests and two samples of sputum to another laboratory with the black content.. The Pulmonologist Dr. Prescribed a combivent inhaler and I dont know what to expect as a result. My next appointment is in 2 weeks. I have pictures but I'm not sure how to upload them here..

    Were you able to determine what the prognosis was?

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      You may want to get your sinuses checked out, too. Very easy to get fungus growing there.

      We don't really have to see the pix, we're not docs. Good luck.

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    Is it normal to spit up mucus or spit and it have little back hairs in it?
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      Hi Alvia, i am having the similar problem. Though i may not know what are the extents of your condition, I would like to relate that I am 28 year old male, non-smoking and had been finding hairs in my mucus/spit occasionally from time to time for the past 5-6 years, especially after waking up in the morning

      I have been living with slight complications in my nose (i can't definitively it as sinusitis or so), cold, dust and seafood will agitate my nose to be runny, plus my caruncle will itch and slightly swollen (part of my eye will turn red as the result). I previously had it check many years back with the local government clinic, only to be treated with anti-histamines for a certain period of time, and never continued since I do not want to be drug dependent It occurred to me to Google this anomaly, only to find your post here in Patient.Info, hence I have been browsing the net to find the most fitting situation to mine. I am yet to seek a professional to explain this condition to me, hoping that this space may provide an early insight on my current condition

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      Its not a normal every day occurrence.

      If you have a diagnosis of COPD and this happens you should check in with doctor..

      If you are a smoking you likely will be coughing up tar, not good.

      If doing a lot of passive smoking, living in a high pollution area, working in the building trade or similar. 

      All of the above check in with your doctor.

      Are you diagnosed with COPD?

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