Champix day 1 - anyone else?

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After 35 years of smoking I’m on day 1 of Champix and was hoping to find someone else who is on the same journey. Anybody there?!

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    Hi Hilary, I'm 8+ years quit so although I'm not with you at the beginning of your journey, I sure know the road your going to be traveling, I was 40 years a smoker but I can only say I wish I had quit years before which is what we all say, you can't go back though so the way your going is great, I quit cold turkey on Christmas Day, had an epiphany LOL the first 3 days for me were the worst but then as the months rolled by it became easier, I will never regret quitting it was the best journey I have ever undertaken, no more stinky clothes, hair and even though I didn't smoke in bed it still smelt of smoke and wait till you get your taste buds back, can I ask your reason for at last going for it

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      Hi Alexandria, thanks for your reply! I’m stopping as I need to up my game health wise. Was diagnosed type 1 diabetic last year and just don’t want to knock any more years off my life! Can’t wait to stop.
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      Your very unlucky to have been diagnosed with type 1 at your age, that's usually an hereditary gene that causes that and will show up at a younger age, mostly teens, so what have they put you on, insulin?? Is that your only disability.

      No going back as you will feel so much better

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      You probably have had it for years but kept healthy so hadn't realised or thought symptoms were something else, yea must have knocked you back a bit

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    Hi Hilary

    sorry, your post was in my spam mail. I stopped with  Champix four years ago and Im very happy to share my experience with you. Busy at work at the mo, but keep taking the tablets and smoke away as normal. Will reply in full soon xx

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      Thanks Debbie, I really appreciate that! Day 2 of Champix and feeling nauseous off and on but determined to carry on.
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    Hi Hilary, You are on the way, and hopefully Champix will work its magic on you too. I stopped with Champix almost 4 years ago and havent looked back. Is this your first time using Champix? The dose given to a 20 stone man is the same as what is given to an 8 stone woman, so you may have to tweak the dose a bit. Have you set your stop day? Please carry on smoking as normal just now, its early days. I had mild nausea too, which got a little worse when I doubled the dose. Im going to stick with you through your 'journey', so will not bombard you with loads of info just now. You are on the right track. Be positive because you have a huge chance of succeeding. Soon you will be a non smoker. I have virtually no willpower whatsoever, so if I can stop, anyone can! I loved smoking, but after over 30 years, it wasnt loving me and I knew it really was time to stop. It took 10 years of procrastination before enough was enough. Tell me a bit about your smoking history, when and where you smoke, who with etc. It will help later on. Take care and speak soon xx

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      Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your reply. Now day 6 and still smoking but definitely less as it’s making me feel a bit sick! I nearly gave up as On day 4 i had really terrible constipation (sorry!) but took senokot and seem okay today. Nausea is quite a bit better, manageable. My smoking habit is probably something like:

      3 in the morning with coffee 

      2 at around 11 with coffee 

      2 around 1ish after lunch

      2 or 3 in afternoon 

      3 or 4 around 6ish

      1 before bed

      Always sitting in same chair in kitchen!

      I must remove the chair!

      I was diagnosed type 1 diabetic last May, taking insulin, trying to keep that in check but absolutely MUST stop smoking. I’m just so fed up with it.

      I’m not even getting a nicotine hit now but still smoking out of purely habit I guess. So annoying!

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      Its early days yet, youre doing fine. Have you set your stop date yet? Think about doing that...maybe day 14? Carry on puffing as normal, but maybe around day 10, think about moving your chair, or dont sit in it when youre smoking. I remember having nausea too, and then headaches. I took my tabs with food and i think after week 3 I reduced the dose. Had very wierd dreams too, quite vivid. I endured all these side effects as I knew I had them because the Champix was working. But if youre able to keep taking the full dose, all the better. My friend is insulin dependent and she stopped smoking a few years ago. It was a time to take stock, just like you are having to do. This can only result in positive things. Trust me when I say its a few weeks of annoyance and uncertainty for huge benefits in the months and years to come. Keep in touch, always here to help xx
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      Thanks Debbie! My stop date is day 13, next Friday. Okay, I’m going to move this chair on Tuesday and maybe stop drinking coffee. I will definitely persevere and the side effects mean that I will never want to go through this again! I’m so grateful for your support, it really helps x
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      Thats great Hilary. You are on the right track. This time next week you will be a non smoker. When I was at the same stage my brain still wanted me to smoke but I found myself stubbing out my cig after a few puffs or finding I could nt be bothered to smoke. The craving was starting to wane but the habit remained. As if by magic, I stopped on my nominated day with any real effort. To this day, Im amazed. Champix the wonder drug! Xx
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    Hi Hilary am on the same. Day 14 tomorrow and have been smoke free for 7 days now. I just lost the urge and had not picked a quit date.

    A bit of nausea but i take the tablet straight after eating now. Side effects are annoying the worse being insomnia. Very windy and a little constipated but I feel ok so far. I just need to sleep !! It's 4.25 am atm

    Smoked around 10 a day. Funny thing was, seldom any after 6pm. Too idle to get off the sofa 😅

    You are doing great.

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    Hi, I'm also 32 and on my first day of Champix. My sister has been 4 months smoke free since she used it, and I've been considering stopping for a year now as I'm really starting to feel the affects of long term smoking.

    My main worry with Champix is the potential for psychological side effects, as I'm fine dealing with the dodgy dreams and nausea..

    Hope it went/is going well for you, Hilary.

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      Hi wagon wheel, I’m smoke free for 5 or 6 weeks now and it’s the best thing I ever did. I followed the Champix programme for 6 weeks and am now using the next 2 weeks of tablets to gradually reduce over another 6 week period. I really don’t want to smoke and feel so grateful for being released from that prison. I was worried about psychological effects too as I’ve been prone to a bit of depression for the last couple of years but decided that there are more negative experiences expressed on the internet than positive and that it probably doesn’t reflect the true picture. Anyway, I have actually experienced the opposite and have felt more level and contented than I have for ages. My anxiety seemed to lift a bit and apart from initial nausea/constipation and some wild dreams, I can honestly say my experience has been positive. I would just go for it. Be positive. It will work for you and you will feel great and have the opportunity to lead a wonderful healthy life. Good luck!

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