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I have the symptoms of Polysysticovaries with the excessive hair, sweating, weight and so on, but the only thing that I can't hide is the sweating. When i dry my hair i have to dry it again and again as my head just drips in sweat. I can walk up a flight of stairs and sit at my desk at work and there I go again - drenched in sweat with frizzy hair! I'm a bigger girl but i'm not unfit. When working out i will look like i've been swimming after only 5 minutes of entering the gym. I've been put on Clonidine in the past which helped for a while, and now i've been put on beta-blockers to try. I've had my thyroid tested and this has come back ok. I'm being treated for PCOS even though all tests say that i haven't got it, but doctors think i must have because i have all of the symptoms. What else could it be and can I do anything to prevent it as it's getting me down!! Thanks

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    I noticed your post was 6 mos ago. Have you had any new developments?  i have the same problem you have and have tried several treatments.  I take Rubinul (Glycopyrrolate) and it helped in the begining but not so much anymore.  I have had the botox injection in my scalp that helped for about 2 months.  I am in the US and was really hoping the UK had more current treatment for this.  Please let me know if anyone has any luck with any treatments.  Thanks
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    I've had thyroid problems since right after the birth of my last child which he turned 15 last July, but I haven't had the sweating problem but a little over two years. I've always sweated more than what I thought was normal

    but over the past two years it's been horrible I take meds for the following, thyroid, blood pressure, gout, IBS, osteoarthritis, cholesterol, and I'm on a hormone patch, I had a hysterectomy back in 2011 but my blood work is pretty much normal. I don't know if it's a combination of the meds I take or if I need to see a doctor for just the sweating alone...

    Has anyone got any ideas on what I need to do next?

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    I know it's a pain in the behind, can't do anything substantial to stop it. I am a CNA, but for the most part I seem to sweat more at work and I don't have to be doing anything, sometimes I will be there just feeding someone and sweat will be dripping of my eyelashes & can't seem to keep hair looking like it should... I'm on alot of medications but I've been on most of them for over 15 years... The sweating has gotten progressively worse...

    Have you got any suggestions what I should do next?

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    Hi, I have the same condition as the person above but the doctors i saw did not tell me there was any name for it or help for it either, i have suffered with this excess sweating of my head and neck since i was 27 years old and i am now 56, recently i told a doctor that i thought it may have had something to do with being sterilised at 27 because i could not think of any other reason as to why i got this condition even then he did not tell me that what i suffered from was a condition called Hyperhidrosis, i almost put myself through an operation to find out what was wrong but i am terrified of anesthetic so i was very reluctant to do that, Luckily as it turns out, i take Pro-Bantheline and it stops the sweating but makes my mouth really dry so i dont take it unless i really have to, it was my daughter-in-law that even told me about that, doctors i saw didnt even mention that i could take Pro-Bantheline to help it, the amount of times i have been humiliated because my hair was soaked and dripping on the convaer belt in a supermarket and all the time this could have been prevented if only the doctors i saw had told me about it and about ProBantheline, I hope tis helps anyone else out there suffering with this humiliating condition. x Anne.
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      So do you have any other medical problems that you thought at first could be causing the sweating problem? I have often wondered if some of the problems that I have could be contributed

      to the medicine I take combined. I even tried separating the meds somewhat... For the most part this happens to me at work more than at home but where I work I'm not constantly moving or anything, I can be sitting in a chair and just feeding one of my patients and start sweating like I'm starting a workout so I just don't know anymore what to do or where to start... Any suggestions?

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      Hi Eva, I have chronic arthritis but the reason i was considering surgery was because i thought they had maybe made a mistake when i was being serilised and thought explorative surgery was the only way to find out if all was ok inside regarding the sterilisation but as i said afraid of anesthetic and very reluctant to go down that route but luckily my daughter-in-law told me about Pro-Bantheline before i had decided what i was actually going to do about the surgery, I take 2 pills in the morning(they dont taste nice so drink water quickly when taking them with water) and that stops the sweating for about 4-6 hours, some days i need to take more and some days i take less or none just all depends how bad the sweating is at the time, i know what you mean about how bad it gets when you doing next to nothing and it starts, i cant do much because of my arthritis and i can just be sitting watching T.V. and it starts and i look like i have just run the London Marathon i'm so drenched, so i know exactly where your coming from, Doctors should be more willing to help with this and i should have been told at least what it was called and i kept asking my doctor if there was anything to stop it but he never mentioned Pro-Bantheline ever, It took my son to meet the right woman and for her to tell me there was help for it and i have never looked back since, its a humiliation saver, it works, but now i get lozeges from the doctor monthly for the dry mouth and they work too, the only down side apart from dry mouth is they give your mouth a not very nice taste so chew gum or something as this works a treat. glad to help anyone out there with this horrible condition. x Anne,
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    I really don't know what to tell you about what's going on with you. I have thyroid problems and high blood pressure and am on meds for a number of things, I've also had a hysterectomy a total hysterectomy no ovaries, uterus and I've always been a heavy sweater, but it has gotten to the point of sweating when I'm doing absolutely nothing and no reason for me to be sweating and yes I agree it's embarrassing when you can't keep your clothes dry. You spoke about when you shower and blow dry your hair I have the same problem as you, I generally have a fan pointed toward the bathroom door so I don't have to keep drying my hair over and over again, I have found out that helps though and after my hair is dry then I hold the button in on my dryer for cool air which helps to... Let me know what you finally find out and good luck...
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    I don't know how I missed this post - but I was going through a bad time of it myself 12 months ago.

    2002 winter, having lunch with senior work colleagues, started 'spurting' from my face and head.  Surreptitiously trying to mop up with the dark navy blue paper napkin.  Another woman asked loudly across the table, are you ok?  I was wondering if the dye had turned my face blue.  It had not, but my distress was obvious despite trying to be discrete about it.  They all turned and looked at me - ahh, hot flashes!

    However, it should not have been as I was happily on hrt (oestrogen pellet implants at the time).  For 6 years I suffered this.  Coincidently I had been prescribed a strong pain medication for oesto-necrosis caused by haemochromatosis brought on by my full hysterectomy.  Must be the medication, they said, so asap I went off the medication.  Rather have pain than this severe sweating condition.  No change.

    You all know it, sweat dripping off the eyelashes, etc, hair constantly wet from sweat or ducking it under the shower, waking up with smelly sweaty hair during the night - back under the shower.  Sweat pooling down my front and back.  Trying to put on makeup, because I am vain, was impossible.

    Finally, after 6 years, decided to investigate botox and went to a gp who did botox to see if she could help me.  First, she said, I want to find out what is going wrong.  Yippee, me too!  Referred to an endocrinologist, hormones tested, excess prolactin, extremely rapid heartbeat, mri confirmed a microadenoma of the pituitary gland.

    When I finally started carbergoline, there was almost immediate relief.  I searched further and found that women with excess prolactin need extra oestrogen (whether in menopause or not) as it causes the oestrogen to be ineffective thus thrusting us into menopausal symptoms, and bone thinning problems.  It can all manifest differently for some, but for me it was severe head sweats - constant and permanent hot flashes.

    7.5 years I am still taking carberglone because everytime I try to reduce it, the symptoms come back again.  Endocrinologist believes taking carbergoline long term is not going cause any harm, thank goodness.

    However last year, I tried a different hormone which failed to work but it took a few months to figure that out, because the temperature was very hot, thus excusing the head sweats, and haemochromatosis symptoms are similar to menopause.  Now, it seems to have opened the flood gates again, my prolactin is low, and there appears to be no obvious reason for it.  I am sure there is one - just got to make the drs work harder.

    I have tried No More Sweat on face and neck, messy on hair of course, to no avail.  Currently I use 3B Face Saver which allows me to put on some makeup for a little while.

    But my message is, ask for your pituitary gland hormones to be tested, and even try to find if there is a neurological or hypothalamus problem, if possible.  That is what I feel could be a cause, just got to find someone who is interested and knowledgable enough to look.

    Anne, I don't know how you lasted that long. I am sure I would have gone crazy if a solution had not been found for me.  Sounds woosy, but it is very delibitating, soul destroying and stressful on relationships.

    I have read there is a microwave/laser? therapy but only available for armpits.  I suppose we don't want our head to be microwaved, do we.  Miradry, I think.  I have not come across Pro-Bantheline, so I will check that out.  Also recently heard of Escitalopram but I don't know enough about it yet.

    I hope someone gets some relief from my diagnosis.


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      I take that back about Escitalopram. It is an antidepressant, prescribed by drs to women going through menopause, as if that is going to help.

      I note that Pro-Bantheline sounds like it is very mucas drying, e.g. eyes, constipation, probably other areas that we need to keep moist.  Hopefully the dry mouth effect will make us drink more water to offset it.

      Anne, what is your experience in that department?

      I also like the idea that it is an anti-spasmodic of the gut - I suffer a lot from that, ever since the hysterectomy.  Deemed to be from adhesions.


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      Thank you so much for your possible solutions sheryl . I have been suffering for over 3 years from excessive head and face sweating and am getting zero interest or help from doctors. I can drench a t shirt in 5 mins fron just vaccuming where it pours off my head !!! I have an doctors appt booked for Friday and was looking for something ( information) to go in with and have taken notes from your post lol !! It is such a humiliating and in my opinion debilitating condition.
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      Hi sharon - it is amazing there are still no medications for it.  I just googled Pro-Banthine again, and it was discontinued.  There was a lot against it too. I do hope your dr follows through for you.

      At the time of my diagnosis, and finding that women with a prolactinoma need extra oestrogen, I found a wikipedia description that says that 5 alpha-reductase enzyme was responsible for the ineffectiveness of my oestrogen (caused by excess prolactin).  I had printed it off and took it with me on a visit to my gp (she was not responsible for helping me find a solution - the botox dr did).  My gp asked if she could have the copy - sure, I can print off another one.

      When I eventually got around to doing so, I could not find it again on Wikipedia.  It was referred to as affecting testosterone, but not oestrogen.  Strange.  My endocrinologist was amazed that I knew about it.  He thought I must have medical quals, but no, just desperate research skills.

      Good luck for Friday.


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    I have Harv head sweats for about 5 years, it's awful cannot go on date everyone thinks I have just had shower my hair was getting thinner.....then I went to a Chinese Dr who did acupuncture and gave me 2 lots of chinese tablets and wow a must raclebwithin 1day the head sweat tried to ....only go t my face warm but n wet hair 2 weeks now and no wet hair no head sweats golly my prayers answered

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      That sounds good.  Where did he put the needles, and what was the name of the tablets?


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    Hi, try Probantheline tablets, from your Doctor, they work, but give you a very dry mouth so you will have to chew gum to keep your mouth from drying up so much that you cant speak, I have had this problem for 30 years and it was only 3 years ago i found out about these tablets and they have been a god send, Hope this helps. regards Anne.

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