Excessive sweating on my head and face

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This has got worse over the past year or two and it could be a combination of the menopause and severe anxiety. I'm 55 but the sweat drips down my face even when I'm lying down or still. I've had eczema all of my life and chronic asthma but this sweating is not normal. I've read some pple been put onto oxybutynin which is I used with slight incontinence and dries up mucous membranes but if not heard it used in sweating. It's classed as an anticholinergic effect and can have negative effects such as dry mouth and eyes and cognitive effects as you are older. I've also seen some pple said botox works, others said not. I'm desperate to find some medication to stop this or minimize it as it's unbearable to have wet hair from constantly sweating all of the time. I've asked for HRT in case it is menopause as I've not had periods for over 12 months but Dr's were reluctant to give me them.

If anyone had recently found anything that helps please tell me. I used to be a nurse and I'm now disabled due to lung issues but this is very distressing and wearing me down. Please respond if you have any suggestions. Thanks L.

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    Try Robinul. It's working pretty well for me! BTW, I'm 74.

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      Not working well enough!
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    If HRT does not ease it, ask for your pituitary gland hormones to be tested.  I was on estradiol hrt but suddenly developed profuse face and head sweating.  I was found to have a small tumour on my pituitary gland which was causing excess prolactin.  This excess prolactin was causing my oestrogen to be ineffective, thus causing severe menopausal symptoms in the form of the head and face sweats.


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      Thanks, but I'm post-post menopausal 😁 & haven't been on HRT for about 20+ years. Another symptom of hyperhidrosis of head & face is itchy scalp. Just learned that recently.

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      That's interesting to know as I've an itchy scalp all of the time. Thank you.

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      Are you taking anything for it? Drives me crazy. When I go back to dermatologist, I'll ask if anything stops the itching. I'll post if I do.

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    I wonder if it is the acid in the sweat.  A hair specialist (can't remember their title) said that sweaty hair acid causes the hair to break off at the root.  I rinse mine every night just with water.  A pain because I don't have short hair but my hair dressing has had to get simpler and rely on the cut for style.

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    To help cool you down, try Magicool - a spray I use around the back and front of my neck.  Currently, my worst problem is that hollow at back of head above hairline where I have also sprayed it within my hair.

    The can does not say what is in it (must have bought it before it was required to list ingredients), but it must have alcohol in it for it to evaporate so cooling.  It also claims to rehydrate and sooth the skin.

    I bought it years ago and just recently discovered it in the depths of my bathroom cupboard.  I went searching for a replacement for when I run out and have discovered it is no longer available in Australia.  When it does run out, I am going to try Isocol which does say it has alcohol as well as antiseptic qualities.  People swear it is the best for treating acne as well as other magic qualities, so may be a bit drying.  In which case, keep up the moisturiser.


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      Thanks. Have never heard of either spray. Will Google it to see if available.
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    Some have had pretty good results with Robinul or its generic. I haven’t done great on it but wasn’t told to take it on an empty stomach—as I’ve been told in this discussion. I’ll try that to see if it works better.
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    I have suffered with hyperhidrosis on face and head and occasional night sweats since I was a teenager.  I have been thin, morbidly obese, and thin again with no change of sweating patterns. I am now at the ‘hot flash’ age but the sweats are the same as they have always been.  Robinul, that I take sparingly,  helps but doesn’t cure.

    I requested to go on Metformin for the general health benefits and numerous anti-aging/life extending benefits. I currently take 2000mg/day. I have been on that dose, increased from 1000mg/day, for about two months. 

    I haven’t had hyperhidrosis of my face and neck nor have I had night sweats for 2 months. Not once. 

    I saw a very small study that 3 women with hyperhidrosis not attributed to specific causes after many tests and blood chemistry evaluations, negative for type 1 or type 2 diabetes, were all releaved of sweating symptoms with  Metformin.  

    I cannot be certain that it is the Metformin  relieving my lifelong  face and head sweating but it’s my best guess.   Gosh, it’s been a nice couple of months. 

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    hi lynn3005,

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