I have HIV but tested negative at 6 weeks

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So this is what's happening to me. I had unprotected sex with a Filipino TS girl living in london (idiot I know). I went to the clinic after 1 week with bad anal discomfort. They did a full test, and I came back with gonnorea and clamidiya (anal). Hiv was negative.

I then had a short flu, and was in bed for a day. Went to clinic and they gave me treatment for the sti's and another hiv test with viral load. Which came back negative.

I then began to have sweats, loss of appetite, oral thrush, swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck, heart palpitations, feeling like death basically.

Went back to clinic, at 4 weeks and tested again knowing it would come back positive. It was negative.

Over the next two weeks, I've had really bad headaches, swollen glands and aches in body, oral thrush, and sometimes night sweats.

So I tested again at 6 weeks. Again it was negative. (All tests were 4th gen duo Elisa).

I'm now in week 7 and going aches, headaches are less bad, and aches are going.

Will I finally show positive now?

This has been a total nightmare. I just need closure and to get on with whatever is left of my life.

Ps: I went doctors for a general blood test at 5 weeks, and they were all normal / clear.

I know this is hiv but why can't they find it? I thought the tests were accurate. I've been systematically testing. I'm suffering with really bad anxiety with all this now.

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    My question is if you haven't had a positive HIV result then why are you so adamant about having it? Have you knowingly slept with someone with it? Or am I reading wrong?

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      She said she's negative and never had an STI in her life. But I caught clamidiya and gonnorea. And now all this is happening. I think she was lying and tricked me.

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    If all your test are negative what makes you so sure that you are HIV positive?
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      I've never felt a virus like this before. My doctor has confirmed that I have a virus.

      And the timescales fit in with when I slept with this girl and seroconversion.

      Im slowly getting better. So maybe testing at 8 weeks will show antibodies?

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      Alot of times the mind can play tricks on you especially when you already have this set in your head! I'm sure stress is also a contributing factor as well! If all your results has been negative take it as that and thank the Lord above! We all make mistakes and we learn and grow from them! Don't drive yourself nutts about it! Continue to enjoy life and makes wiser choices next time! None of us are perfect! I hope you feel better soon!

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      I'm trying to enjoy life. Whatever is happening to me, I need to be strong and enjoy living. The smaller things in life.

      I will find out what happens to me in 3 weeks when it will be 9 weeks. Then I can start rebuilding my life.

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      Sounds good!! I pray that all goes well in which I believe it will! Life is short so it's definitely time for you to get back into the swing of things!!LIFE GOES ON!!

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    For your peace of mind, do another test at 8 weeks. If it's negative, then believe it. You're putting yourself under too much stress and anxiety - I did this to myself as well, went and got tested and was absolutely fine. Symptoms disappeared... it was all in my head!

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      These symptoms are not in my head unfortunately. I've been really sick. Headaches, white tounge and loads of ulcers, pain all over my body from lymph nodes. I was getting tests thinking it would show, and it hasn't yet.

      It's never-ending at the moment. But I'm feeling better today. I think I've seroconverted, so maybe now a test will show it at 8 weeks.

      Im just scared now of facing the music 😪

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      Hi Antony,

      You are not alone. there are thousands of people out there with negative results and suffering like you. Unfortunately there is no diagnosis & solution yet.  Look for "unknown std free forums" in web you will the find the right group of forum progressing on the diagnosis.

      One more thing you are contagious with saliva, sweat & std's, beware if you are living with family.


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      HIV is NOT contagious through sweat and saliva, that is so ignorant and is what drives the stigma behind it.
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      ashyam, I totally agree with you. I had a blood exposure and about 10 days after I developed symptoms that I have never felt before. This illness spread through my whole house all my children. It has been 1 year and we are just starting to feel better.

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    Hi buddy. We are on a same page. If you had a pcr viral load after 10 days and it was negative, you are fine, and it's nothing to do with servo.

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    If HIV caused all these symptoms, you would’ve tested positive by the 6th week test.

    You aren’t HIV positive, move on! 

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      I will update you in 2 week when I go for another test.

      I wish I could say that in 2 weeks but I know I won't be able to.

      After my 6 week test, I got a cold, crazy headaches. Now I got swollen lymph nodes in my neck and groin is aching. Knees and shoulders are hurting too.

      I know for a fact this is hiv. I need to start medication asap. My tounge is constantly white. And I got a yeast infection because my stools are yellow and soft.

      This girl (TS) won't get tested or show me proof. She's definitely lying to me.

      F**k knows what I'm going to do. Just need to be patient. Wait for symptoms to go. And get back to living life

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      Seroconversion usually happens within 2-4 weeks, and rarely, between 4-6 weeks.

      Your symptoms appeared after the expected window period, so it’s safe to say it’s probably not HIV and possibly anxiety. If you look up anxiety and stress, you can see that it causes a lot of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing.

      The white tongue thing, I get you. I was (still am) in the middle of a HIV scare, and this concerned me the most. What I noticed though, after staring at the tongues of everyone around me, most people have white-ish tongues. Gross? yes - oral thrush on all these people? Probably not. 

      Plus, oral thrush is usually a symptom of late infection. 

      You’re not gonna test positive at 8 weeks, and if you do, I will honestly be gob smacked. 

      Moral of the post, you have nothing to worry about. 

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      I went to the doctors today and they confirmed that my glands are swollen really badly on my throat. And that my groin is inflamed also.

      They said I have to wait for the symptoms to go. And then go for another hiv test. So next week will be 9 weeks post exposure. I'm going to test again. And see what happens.

      I'm probably in the rare few that takes this long to test poz. 😪

      I've had so many symptoms. There's not much else it can be. Doctor says if I don't get better, I should go to a&e.

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      ... are you on antiviral medications, current HIV treatment or taking cancer drugs, etc? These are typically the only reasons why a positive test would not show up, multiple times. most infections show up by 4 weeks and tests are conclusive at 6 weeks. 


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      It’s pretty unlikely that you will test poz, considering all the testing you’ve done that’s come out negative.

      I get you’re scared, I was and still am too - but think about it like this;

      Fact: you tested negative at 6 weeks, which is incredibly reliable. 

      Unknown: what caused the swelling. 

      It couldve been caused by anything, HIV symptoms are not specific.

      Whatever it is, I wish you the best x

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      I've been totally healthy before this. Not taken any medication. And not been diagnosed with any conditions before.

      Ill update you guys on my 9th week test.

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      Went to the clinic today. They don't want to do anymore STI tests anymore. My herpes swab was negative. So that confirms that they are mouth sores, not herpes ulcers.

      They refused to do a viral load test also. I told them my lymph nodes are swollen and he said it could be something else.

      I have a meeting with a specialist in 2 weeks. I will update when I know more

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      I think I will go to hospital tomorrow and get a fully examination. I'm not well, and it seems nobody wants to help me.

      They assume it's just anxiety. But I'm in pain all the time. It's so annoying. I just want some kind of treatment. Don't care what it is anymore

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      I see, so you should keep calm. Same here for me. 6th week negative and I believe I am having symptoms. Maybe it's just anxiety. I don't know. I guess I have to wait until 12th week. Maybe you, too. I wish you the best.

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      Also, considering the following:

      "So I tested again at 6 weeks. Again it was negative. (All tests were 4th gen duo Elisa)."

      DUO should mean it also checks for the p24 antigens as well as antibodies. So, by that time, you should either have antigens or antibodies. Otherwise, why having symptoms, right? My opinion is, this test should have been conclusive. Even CDC has updated the guidelines for 4th gen tests to 45 days. I am having the same problems, by the way. But, we need to move on somehow, I believe.

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      It's important to remember these are just guidelines. You can't assume every immune system reacts the same way to hiv.

      Some people are seronegative, where they don't produce either antigens or antibodies for a long time. So a viral load would be most useful in those cases.

      Ive had oral thrush, pins and needles all over my body, mouth sores, headaches, aching groin and armpits and neck, and burning muscles for 2 months now. All this following a really bad flu I got 10 days after intercourse which put me in bed for 2 days, and left me with a chest infection for like 2 weeks.

      And unlike most people on this forum. I actually had a serious exposure. It wasn't just oral or a hand job.

      I caught two sti's (gonnorea and clamidiya) in my anus. And the TS i slept with said she slept with 4 guys in the last month before me.

      Taking into account, 1 in 7 gay males in London have HIV. That puts my risk at over 60%.

      Now I'm suffering from a viral infection according to my GP. But they can't find what it is.

      STI clinic have refused to help me. Because they believe that their Elisa DUO is 100% accurate at 4 weeks.

      They've referred me to a health advisor for counselling. It's ridiculous.

      I'm going for private care now. And going to have all necessary tests. I.E viral load, auto immune disease test and physical examination.

      I'll keep this forum updated with news as I get it.

      I think the moral of the story is to just to go private and get all testing done that way.

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      How do you feel now? I am in same boat.Tested for hiv for six times in 19 months of period all tests came back negative .pls any update about your diagnosis?

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      How do you feel now? I am in same boat.Tested for hiv for six times in 19 months of period all tests came back negative .pls any update about your diagnosis? My major symptoms are sore throat ,athlete foot ,water blisters on toes and white tongue.

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      ravi if you have had 6 NEGATIVE tests within 19 months you do not have HIV. your symptoms are not HIV related

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      Thanks for reply .it may be possible my body didn't able to produce antibodies or antigens.the elisa and finger prick test didn't able to give exact results.I am not on bed.Why my body can't able to produce antibodies in this time period.Do you have any idea about hiv pcr dna test or pcr rna test which one is best to rule out hiv quantitative or qualitative

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      you arent producing antibodies because you do not have Hiv. yes some take a while to produce antibodies. but the 4th generation blood tests for both antibodies and antigens and is accurate at 4 weeks and conclusive at 12 weeks. you have been tested more than enough times and over a long enough period of time. so unless you have had more potential exposures recently. YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV!!!!

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      thanks for your precious time .stay blessed

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      hi man, hope ur feeling better now. can u update us with ur results?

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      Not feeling any better. My day starts with nausea every morning. Then pins and needles really bad, swollen glands in my throat and ears. Sharp pains in my groin area too. Hot flushes all the time.

      Loads of skin peeling off my penis too. I probably have herpes too tbh.

      Went to an infectious diseases doctor. He couldn't help me. Said that i probably have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes by my immune system response to a virus or infection.

      There isn't anything he can do..

      Im basically taking one day at a time. I guess some viruses are unknown to medicine. So is what it is.

      I definitely got some kind of infection, but never getting better. .

      My last hope is to see a Lyme disease / tick disease specialist. Maybe they can find something. I remember getting really bad tick like bites a few months before the encounter. Maybe the antibiotics triggered an immune system response to lyme.

      Who knows. Very unlikely, but its all i got to hope for.

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      I am 100% sure we caught rare strain of hiv yesterday I studied some articles about rare strains of hiv .All the symptoms which they mentioned in their article are resembles with me like chronic sore throat,mild thrush ,athlete's foot, pins and needles and my toes are feeling cold.End of this month I am going to do viral load test and cd4 count it will help me to figure out real issue .I suggest you to do same

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      Ravi, no disrespect to your opinion but did any medical experts told in front of you that there's another new strain? or you're just stating those as per dr.google? stop saying new strain and other stuffs. If there was one, till now researchers should of discovered some sort of test kits or medicine. I'm not saying we all are not feeling better but it definitely isn't an hiv either.People get sick due to many reasons not just HIV,so what I am trying to say is theres more diseases not just HIV. you guys have been tested enough just thank to God and stop worrying and look for something else than HIV oh and please remove the thought if HIV from your brain please. Saying that you're not getting anxious you alone for no reason but those who have calmed their self they get that too.

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      Dont waste your time or money on Viral load testing. You wont find anything.

      CD4 / T cell checks are worth doing every 6 months to see what's (if anything) is happening to your count.

      but again, im not sure if we're gonna get any help any time soon. It may be a very slow disease. In which case it would take years before we are diagnosed with AIDS (i.e. sub 200 cd4 count).

      Mine was 1,200. That will take ages to go down imo.

      So just got to suffer.

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      You are not going in to the history books as a specimen.

      The odds of you dying chocking on oxygen is astronomically higher than acquiring this new strain of your theory. You should be worried about that.

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