just read a thrad here and it made me think anyone claiming pip ext

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if your claiming any kind of sick benefits and have a inter view to see if you can work ext , then do you home work first thing to do is see your doctor ask if he or she can write you a letter that explains your illness how it affects your life daily , then ask to record the inter view you have to give 3 days notice and make them a copy . I done it on my lap top just burn off 1 cd for them and save on your desk top , ask if they have a copy of the letter your doctor sent  or If you do what I done I sent the letter myself  , if not give them a copy of the 1 that you have by photo copying it , this way you will know that they have the evidence from the doctor ,if you can ask for a home visit ,they don't like this but push for it as if you go there they have got you fit to arrive ext. , I myself have only 1 thought in my head this person is hear to see how they can cut my benefits , I don't know if points make prizes or so many cut off x mas bounces but I'm sure there a catch some were just like traffic wardens . I you think I'm wright tell me if you think I'm not tell me why ..    

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    I don't think you are right. I was offered a home visit but turned it down told them I still felt I wasn't housebound and could get a taxi . They obliged and I went to them. I took a copy of my prescriptions and then answered all the questions about how my problems effect my daily life. All about showing, washing,dressing etc. I walk using a stick, have arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

    I was awarded standard Daily Living which was what I'd hoped for, the whole process took under 8 weeks from claim to payment and I have no complaints. I realise some people have problems with the assessors but seldom do we hear about the honest ones out there.

    All the best

    Wendy c

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      I am glade you got what you needed and it went well for you , and its good to hear from people that get the result they wanted , I don't know if I got my pip yet and had a home visit but the more I look into it the more I don't trust them , and I say better safe than sorry . I wish you well and a long and happy life.

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    Thanks for this but there's a few things that aren't quite correct here. PIP isn't about being able to work, it's a none means tested benefits that people can claim and work. Not being able to work will not help a person claim PIP.

    A letter from a GP isn't the best form of evidence a claimant can get. It doesn't carry much weight on it's own to be honest. It's certainly better than nothing though. If possible a person should get evidence that's relevant to their claim and proves those descriptors apply to them. Back it up with w written diary from yourself and a letter from someone that knows you well. If a person has medical proof that they have aids to help them in their home, then send this, letter from support workers, social workers, Consultants, anything like this. Not every GP will agree to write a letter for someone for benefit purposes either, lots will not do this anymore because they don't have the time.

    They won't give a home assessment to everyone either. You have to have a very good reason to need a home assessment and mostly a letter from your GP will be needed, stating the reasons why a home visit is needed and they can still refuse if the reasons aren't good enough. Sometimes if the evidence you sent is enough, and it proves you're unable to go to them then this maybe enough and a letter from a GP for a home visit may not be required. Remember though that a home visit can still be refused, even with a letter from your GP.

    I'm very surprised they allowed you to record the assessment on your laptop. You should have used an approved recording device and recorded 2 identical copies, handing 1 copy it at the end.

    Handing evidence in on the day.....a lot of times assessment providers will refuse to accept evidence at the assessment. It happened to me and it's happening to lots of other people. Don't rely on being able to do this on the day because you may well be refused. The best time to send any evidence you have is with your form, this way you know they have it because they very rarely contact anyone.

    Whether or not they're there to cut benefits...i have no idea and can't answer that one. All i know is that a lot of people successfully claim PIP without any problems at all. We just don't hear their stories. If someone is happy with the award then they have no questions to ask, so we don't hear their story. PIP is different to what DLA was and some people who claimed DLA will find that they don't qualify for PIP because of the descriptors. If those descriptors don't apply to you then there will be no PIP award. You'll be totally amazed by the amount of people that just do not understand PIP and the descriptors.

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      I think you should have the wright to film inter views if the person doing the interview agrees then the words ext. cant get mixed up you can use your phone ext. today to do tis in the street why not when this is your life . I do agree with you and that works for some .
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    I think you are 'spot on', I agree 100%. The sad thing I find is the DWP are 'getting away' with persecuting ill, vulnerable people and no one in authority seems to be interested?

    My GP has stopped writing letters of support for benefits and the Specialist treating me said he has been told not to get involved. My request for my medical reports has taken so long to process that the DWP told me they will not wait any longer and are going to decide on my fate without them! Got a letter off one specialist but it looks as though I am on my own preparing for the big fight, I will never give up, as I know how ill I am.

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      It's not the DWP, it's the health assessment providers that are to blame. They are there to do assessments for claimants and the DWP decision maker will almost always go with what's recommended in the report. Which is why complaints should always be made to the assessment providers and not DWP when it comes to the assessment reports.

      There's an 80% chance of any MR request not over turning the decision. If a claimant hasn't scored any points during the assessment then the chances of gaining at least 8 points during the MR is very slim. I know the Tribunal process is very long but those that do take it this far have a better chance of a decision in their favour, if you appear in person of course. For PIP it doesn't matter how ill you are, if you don't fit those descriptors then you won't score the points. I'm not saying you specifically, i'm say anyone in general.

      You previously had a PIP award and DWP have to give a very good reason for your health to have improved enough not to be awarded this time. You will have plenty of time to gather your evidence for a Tribunal, as long as it arrives with them at least 10 before the hearing then that's fine. Backlogs for Tribunals are huge and some are waiting 1 year. However, during that time if your conditions gets worse then the Tribunal won't be able to take that into consideration, they will only be able to take into consideration what you were like at the time of the decision.

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      I complained to the health assessment providers at the beginning and was told, "As we were not present at the assessment, we cannot comment". (DWP not interested) Awaiting the MR result!

      I will not give up but it is so stressful.

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      good luck with it and I hope you get what you need life is to short and we need to make the best of it people , don't seem to care as much as they did 20 to 30 years ago never give up its your right I payed taxes until 4 months ago had a job from 15 year old , know house bound most the time cant pick up my grand children when they visit and know have to beg the government , for help and feel as if I'm planning some kind of master crime having to prove this and prove that as if my word is not good . sorry they cant be trusted and don't stop fighting for yourself and others .


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      Unfortunately the assessments providers aren't interested either and most people who do complain don't even receive a reply.

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      Paying your taxes throughout your life makes no difference to a PIP claim. PIP isn't means tested and an award totally depends on how your conditions affect you daily. As i keep saying, if a person doesn't meet the descriptors they will not qualify for PIP regardless of how their condition affects them and there will be people out there that won't qualify, regardless of the evidence the produce.

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    Hi Am, I agree with Denise you have to look at the bigger picture and realise that this site represents an exceptionally small proportion of PIP claimant's, infact their are millions of people successfully claiming PIP in the UK without any problems at all therefore they do not even consider coming on this site or probably don't even realize these sites exist, I only looked for it myself having never claimed PIP and was looking for any relevant benefits I could claim after becoming severely disabled.

    As for home visit I had one and didn't need a Dr,s letter I just rang and asked and was told their and then it would be fine.

    Also you say you recorded your interview with your laptop, I find this hard to believe because in the paper work it states you need to equipment that makes two CDs simultaneously.

    As for Dr's giving written medical reports they often want because they cannot verify how your illness effects you they can only say what your actual diagnosis is which is readily available from your medical records.

    You can also get reports from your consultants, physio therapist, occupational therapist, psychiatric team, orthopaedic surgeon, the list can incorporate any of your medical team

    Also as Denise has pointed out you can also get your carer's to write a letter for you and anyone else who has contact with you.

    Anyone who reads some of the horror stories could be put off claiming, I say don't be it's something that all though not ultra easy to obtain which is good or every single person would be given it, their has to be cut off points

    DLA was much easier to obtain

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      just read what you have said here , and agree with Denise as well , but there should be no horror stories  1 horror story is 1 to much .


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      You will always get horror stories when it comes to benefits, lets be realistic here. They won't just allow anyone to claim a disability or sickness benefit. It will always seem like the horror stories out weigh the good ones but that isn't always true.

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      if this is the case then the way things are done should change for the better . I tell my pals I don't like sending flowers I would rather talk to you . when you have to send flowers that 1 to many horror stories and still our government cant do it the way it should be done.

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      I disagree, if was easier to claim claim a disability benefit then everyone would be claiming. Realistically that's not going to happen. Anyway, i've had my say and my advice throughout this thread still stands. Good luck to all those fighting.

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