Let's add to the 66 perimeno symptoms list..

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Hi All,

I want to compile a new list of all the symptoms we have experienced that aren't on the 66 listed. If you could take a minute to write yours, that would be great. I'd really like to get these lists to all of our doctors out there, so hope when we are finished you will too..

My latest is burning foot, just one foot

Also noticed anxiety and depression did not make the list

Sensitivity to drugs

Frozen shoulder (aka menopausal or 50's shoulder)

Pain in upper back near shoulder blade

Trouble breathing (beyond shortness of breath, can't get a deep breath in)

High heart rate (even with low blood pressure)

Burning facial and upper body skin without sweating

sore, dry throat


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    My symptoms are.... bloated tummy and sometimes sore feeling inside.

    Hot flushes in the middle of the night

    Tight, burning chest

    Aching shoulder

    Fuzzy head

    No period since January

    I've been given HRT but after 3 weeks, I'm coming off it. I felt even more bloated and uncomfortable. I'm now trying to quit caffeine after 3pm and really go for it with the exercise to help me sleep.

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    Hello Suzanne i was getting ready to write down soar dry throat and i noticed you have it on list. For me i keep thinking its allergies but never have i ever had allergies. I am 46 and had a partial hysterectomy 3 yrs ago. But i remember clearly when i started feeling like this January 2016. Last year was a recorder breaker for me and the doctor visits. My gallbladder was removed still have back pain. Getting home from work straight to couch not knowing how i made it to the house i was so tired and sleepy. Bone ache, exactly what you have upper back near shoulder blade pain. anxiety. I will tell you i am doing a little better i have been on the patch Estradiol .025 my anxiety is better. But i can tell you some stories on how bad my anxiety got. I am trying to stay away from doctors now just to be able to pay last years medical bills sad . Have you gone to doctor for your soar throat? I am setup for xray of my throat but i am trying to hold off to pay some bills. Thanks for your input it really does help. Thank You.
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      I had my gallbladder out too in November. Figure I'm about 20 grand in health bills that weren't covered by insurance. Crazy

      Yesterday I saw the GI, he was the last doc on my list and the only test I didn't have was a colonoscopy. I just can't do it, been through too much in the last 8 months.

      Yes, when this all started, I had a dry sore throats that just wouldn't go away. Then I got a lump in my throat too. Saw my ENT and he scoped me, down my nose in to my throat. He said it just looked red and maybe I had silent reflux. Also my salivary glands were very dry. He suggested trying a high alkaline diet which started me in a downward spiral of cutting things out of my diet resulting in a fast 30 pound loss and the start of ALL the rest of my crazy symptoms. The pain in my back was next, then the not being able to breath, palpitations, shakes, burning, anxiety, eye flashes, malaise, etc, etc..

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      Woww its amazing how similar our symtpoms are. But it looks like i started early I am 46 sad i think because i had a partial hysterectomy. Thanks Suzanne thank you for not making me feel like i am crazy smile
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      i started these crazy symptoms at 46 and havent had any surgery. i think its just some of us start early others dont. regardless its awful isnt it?

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    Anxiety, palpitations, sickness, nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, finding it hard to exercise.
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      Oh and I can sleep for England, unlike most permenapausal ladies, I'm the opposite! I go to bed at 9.00 and I don't want to get up and can sleep till 10.00 next day if it's a weekend and still tired! Think it's a type of depression I'm suffering from with the tiredness. X

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      Similar to you Julie with a few more added on. Constant dizziness as soon as I am vertical with odd off balance sensation, feeling faint and could pass out, stiff sore neck, pain in legs, burning feet, inner vibration, not able to cope with any kind of stress even raised voices, severe migraines and nausea and many more which I can't explain or have forgotten ...oh yes and poor memory lol 🤣Xx

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      Susanne oh yes I've had many blood tests, diabetes, thyroid the thing is I first saw my GP two years ago about thinking I was in the menopause due to some strange symptoms. My menopause blood test came back normal but my red blood cell count came back high and they thought I had Polycythemia Vera, many, many blood tests since I've now been diagnosed with erthrocytosis which is secondary polycythemia and they think it's the menopause that's to blame!!! Typical two years of awful symptoms and my blood was to blame, no one ever thought that my blood rise was because of menopause, treat that and my blood will perhaps go back to normal, you ought to put my strange story in your book, as for thyroid it's fine. Julia xx

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      Yes! This is exactly the kind of story that other women need to hear. We all need our stories heard! I'm concerned that meno is kicking up old Lyme Disease, but the in depth testing is over $1000, so I'm putting that off for now. It's in my back pocket though, I'm waiting to see if the BHRT will help things first.

      I have to look up what you have, I can't believe it's something I haven't come across yet. And I'm the Google queen, mustve logged in a million or more hours by now! 

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      I live in tbe uk Julia and I'm finding GPS are not knowledgeable at all in these issues definitely untreated depression does set in quickly x

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      Ditto on your symptoms here. The dizzy off balance feeling...have you found any relief?
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      Oh my gosh...I AM NOT CRAZY I feel like I have a some kind of disease. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE

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      I feel the same way you do! it seems like every couple of weeks I'm getting new symptoms and fear I have some dreaded disease. I'm 49 and my latest symptoms are tingling in the hands and feet and lately I've been feeling tired and clumsy. I'm terrified of having some neurological disorder but my doctor has assured me I'm fine. I DON'T feel fine! I'm sure I'm about to have a nervous breakdown!

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