Urocit-K (Potassium Citrate) Effect on Urine Color?

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I'm taking Urocit-K again after many years of being off of it. I luckily went through nearly a decade of not having stones, but started having them again within the last five years. My urologist put me back on Urocit-K this past December after my last stone was surgically removed. 

I am seeing a rose-colored hue to my urine, which the "rocket scientist" in me assumes is blood from a new stone. I'm not suffering from any pain at all, and my next doctor appointment will be in a few weeks. So that's when I'll know for sure whether it is blood or not. 

QUESTION FOR THOSE TAKING UROCIT-K: Does your urine also have a rose tint to it? Does the potassium make it that way, and perhaps this is not blood I'm seeing? Hope springs eternal.

Many thanks in advance. 

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    Hi Martin

    Am a lifelong producer of acidic stones - the first one 35 years ago, my 8th and last one about 5 years ago. I used to just take Allipurinol. Then, a few years ago potassium citrate. No stones since. I wish I could tell you my urine turned pink from the citrate, but I can’t.

    I am no doctor, but pink in the urine sounds like blood to me. Good luck on your next checkup.

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      Thanks, I'm grateful for your response. It's actually only in the morning when this happens. During the day, as I hydrate, I don't see any pink/rose color. But still, it's concerning, and I too doubt it's the potassium citrate. 

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    One unsolicited bit of advice I give all stone sufferers I meet about hydration - nothing is better than water....unless you can’t get 8 glasses of water down a day. 

    If this is a challenge for you, experiment with the new wave of fortified waters using the stevia/xylitol sweetening system. The mouth feel is different from water, and I can get twice as much down as pure water. My favorite is a brand called Bai. Most chain markets on the west coast carry it. One 16 oz bottle has 10 calories and no sugars. Hope this helps😊

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      Thanks, Vaughn. That's certainly the best advice there is -- water, water, water. I pour a tiny bit of apple juice (*very* tiny) to get a little flavor in there, and that does the trick. I'm also mostly on an oxalate-free diet; thank God the happy hour martini has been protected! cool   

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    I have been taking Urocit K and Allopurinol for over 10 years and have never had any associated color changes.

    I would like to underscore what was said above: water, water, water.  No medication can make up for the positive benefits of high water intake.

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    In February and March I passed 16-20 stones, when i had them analyzed the doctor told me they were potassium stones.

    I asked what causes them, he just said that you just develop them.

    So I'm a little curious what causes them to develop?

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      Hi William,

      No doctor, but here’s what I’ve learned -

      Certain people are clearly born with a genetic predisposition to produce stones, many times because the baseline ph of their urine is either high ( alkaline ) or low ( acidic ) making the environment of the kidneys more conducive to calcifying sediment formed in the urine.

      2 basic things to do -

      8 glasses of water tends to keep things moving through the system- keeping thinks dilute and flowing

      Through diet and medication keep your ph at the Target ph your specialist (see a nephrologist) recommends A ph of 7 is neutral. I produce acidic stones, so my diet and Med program won’t be of much use to u.

      Good luck.

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    Not sure what UROCIT_K is so never had it.

    Had kidney stones last year. Lots of blood in my urine.

    Had knee infection which they looked into my knee to investigate. Knee was aspirated and washed out. After that blood in urine was much more for a few days.

    This was all at back end of last year.. Kidney stones removed PCNL.

    Now all fine.


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      HI, Sarah. I'm so sorry for all of your medical troubles, but I'm glad to hear that all is fine now. 

      Urocit-K is a prescription drug that is used to make the urine less acidic, which in turn helps to stop in the prevention of stones. I found my earlier use of it to be very helpful and am hoping it will this time too. But as others have already commented here, there is no better way to prevent stones than by drinking as much water as possible; plus, a diet free of oxalate-rich foods is also important. 

      Stay health and stone free!

      - Martin

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      Its a prescription drug in USA - although it should not be; its just Potassium Citrate!  It is non prescription throughout most of Europe.  I always but a bunch of it when in Europe because it is also far less expensive there.

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